Anu Brookins

Anu had taken painting classes in elementary school, but never felt that it expressed how she saw the landscapes around her. When she took her first Bob Ross class in 2007, she was completely inspired to be able to paint landscapes as she never thought possible.

Anu attended the CRI course at New Smyrna Beach and became a certified landscape painter in Bob Ross® Wet-on-Wet™ technique in December 2009. She has been teaching classes in Charlotte, NC using this technique since then, and loves the classes and private lessons. Her greatest satisfaction is helping her students create a painting that they love.

Anu completed certification to teach Wildlife painting using the Bob Ross® technique in the summer of 2011.

Bob Ross® Training Workshops

Anu has taken courses in:

To learn more about Bob Ross® certification courses, or to learn about Bob Ross®, please visit: www.bobross.com